dd_03773_1 Policool 3.2 Kit Monthly Subscription

$67.00 / month and a $5.00 sign-up fee

Policool 3.2 Dual Disc Consumables Kit for Dual Disc 1, and Dual Disc II  Monthly Subscription to auto ship

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Policool 3.2 Dual Disc Consumables Kit for Dual Disc 1, and Dual Disc II Desktop Disc Repair machines. Each kit lasts 12,000 seconds or up to 800 Discs:

Dual Disc II Desktop Disc Repair machines. Version 3.2 is the follow up formula to the previous generation (3.1)

Policool 3.2 is Designed for use in the Dual Disc 1, and Designed for both Dual Disc 1 and Older Model Dual Disc II machines, this formula is the last version that must be manually agitated. For the Newest Formula Available for Dual Disc II owners who have the Automated Mixer installed, we recommend using the New 5.0 Policool Formula.  (not-compatible with Dual Disc 1 machines or DD2 Machines without a mixer).

If you are a Dual Disc II machine owner you can send in your machine to have the Automatic Mixer added, please contact us for more information.

Subscription Details: Sign up to get this product automatically shipped to you on a repeat basis. No more worrying about running out of supplies, or forgetting to re-order. If you have multiple store locations you want us to ship to on a repeat basis, simply create a separate order for each location by completing each ship to address as a separate order.

Initial Signup Fee although there is a small initial signup fee, you will also receive a discounted price each shipment which will quickly offset this ONE TIME Signup Fee.   The sign-up fee does not get charged on a re-occurring basis, unless you cancel and re-subscribe later.

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