About Us

About the Corporation

Headquartered in Queen Creek, Arizona in the U.S.A., Azuradisc is a privately held U.S. Corporation that invents and provides products and services centered on the Optical Disc Market. Many forms of Optical media such as Music CD’s DVDs, Video Game discs and Software CD’s has helped Azuradisc enjoy success as a specialty company for over 2 decades.


To help our customers improve profitability, reduce costs, streamline operations, and grow their business. Maintain Constant And Never ending Improvement of our products.


We strive to improve each & every day. We will avoid complacency by challenging ourselves and our co-workers to continue to reach for the next level. We sum this up by answering the age-old question of “how are you doing?” with the answer… “Getting better everyday”

Brief History

In 1993 Company Founder Jason Bauer owned a Music Store, which bought, sold and traded Compact Discs. After realizing scratches were a worldwide problem, Mr. Bauer began researching methods to repair compact discs. In 1995 Jason invented and Patented the worlds first commercial grade disc repair machine and methodology. In 1998 the company CD-Saver was formed which began selling Disc Repair machines worldwide. After another company was found using our trade name in another country, our lawyers instructed us to create a unique trademark and trade name.  Subsequently on January 1st 1999 the Azuradisc Corporation was formed and the company was officially renamed to Azuradisc.  Now in our 20th Year of operation, Azuradisc continues to offer the best in class commercial grade disc resurfacing machines.

Company Founder

Jason Bauer– President / CEO is the Founder of Azuradisc, Jason Bauer holds 7 Patents, and continues to invent new products to this day. The company is still a family owned operation run by Jason and his hardworking wife Mary Bauer and their small dedicated team of employees.